Welcome to MY JOURNEY:
Freedom from bosses, clients, and alarm clock thanks to 
Affiliate Marketing...
I can't believe I was lied to for this long...

Lies such as:
-A job is secure...
-Put in more hours to make more money...
-A college degree will teach you how to make money...

The reality check was a much needed slap in the face...
Hello friend,

Can I ask you a personal question? 

Have you ever felt frustrated with a business you are working with---perhaps as an employee or maybe as a service provider?

You see the flaws in the owner's business and you give suggestions on how they can improve, but they just don't take the advice?

And you have to continue to help them build the business in the way that they want, even though you KNOW the wheels are just spinning and walls keep being hit?

Personally, I have been there many times. First it was with companies I was employed with...I decided long ago to stop building other people's dreams...

Next it was with clients... it was almost like I was just employed times 10!

Do you ever see your "internet friends" living the life of their dreams? Either traveling, staying home, partying, or chillin? How can they afford that lifestyle? Don't they have to go to work?

Well the secret is they most likely live a "laptop lifestyle" and make passive income...while they sleep, eat, and go to the bathroom! 

Seriously, if you havn't ever spent some time on the toilet and checked your email to find an affiliate commission, you are missing out on one of the best feelings ever ;)

Okay, back to your escape plan... Of course its not reasonable to just quit your job, fire all your clients, and say "I am going ALL IN with affiliate marketing!" if you don't know what to do and don't have the action plan or support...

Which brings us back to the question of why you would want to build an Affiliate Marketing Passive Income business anyway...to have more time? And more money?! To have more freedom? It all depends on your own personal "why"...

I may not know you personally YET and I may not know your "why", but it may be because you want to build something of your OWN, where you are fully responsible for your own results, no partners, no bosses, and no clients to blame. 

No excuses, no blaming, just full accountability with yourself. Building an empire, passive income, and impact that is solely YOURS!
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Why Affiliate Marketing Would Work For You:
Reason #1: Getting OFF The Computer
I help people to build an online business so they do not have to be online all the time! Life should be lived with our loved ones in the present moment.
Reason #2: Complete Location Freedom
Work from home or work from an island. After your automated systems are set up, the "work" you will do is mostly creating fun & meaningful social media content.
Reason #3: No Boss or Clients
Eliminate the stresses of having someone nagging you to turn in work or to be available 24/7. Only answer to yourself and your dreams!
My Duplicatable Affiliate Business In a Box
I don't know about you, but personally I am not that creative. But I'm also not dumb...give me step by step instructions and I can put it together!

That's why I created affiliatebusinessinabox.com

Its a completely duplicatable system that gives you a fully functioning, profitable online business in just a few hours, as long as you follow the steps.

Plus its totally free! (for now)
What People Are Saying:
"...This Thing Really Works For Me!"
Before I met Rachel I knew a little bit about affiliate marketing but was kind of lost. After I started working with Rachel, she taught me everything I needed to know step by step. I got tutorials, templates, email swipes, basically everything you need. What I really like the most was how she teaches you to maximize conversions and track your results. I highly recommend learning from Rachel for anyone who wants to master affiliate marketing. 
Ammar, British Columbia
"...You Won't Believe Til You See It!"
I am a social media marketer, but often felt exhausted from all the client work I had to do. I already knew a ton about online marketing softwares and used them for my clients and my own business, but would only get paid when I put in hours. I had a few affiliates signed up under my links and was making some commissions, but nothing scalable. After learning from Rachel I learned how to automate my processes and build a passive income making machine. I continue to drive traffic to my systems that I set up and the results keep increasing!
Sonja,  Pennsylvania
"...It's A Life Saver! I'm So Thankful!"
I thought that I knew a lot about email marketing and list building and overall sales funnel strategy, but I really didn't have focus on an action plan. After learning from Rachel, I became confident enough to narrow my focus and excel in my chosen niche. I no longer feel lost and see the direct results of my efforts. I am happy to be working with her long term!
Vanessa, Jamaica
My Favorite Free Books:
Best Online Marketing Book
Best Authority/ Branding Book
Funnel Hacker Cookbook
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